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Wickham Yoga Studio

Wickham Yoga Studio

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Yoga Shed Wickham

Love, light and zen await you at our Yoga and Pilates studio with classes to suit many ages ranges from beginners to advanced students and 7 days a week. Our classes are run by independent teachers.

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*Top 3 things we look for in our yoga and fitness clothing…

  1. PETA approved VEGAN – No animal cruelty in the manufacture process. 
  2. Recycled – Made in some way from discarded waste.
  3. Organic Content Standard – “Produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals”.

*Our fitness clothing is carefully sourced to be certified Organic, Recycled and PETA approved animal cruelty free vegan. Find out more about our clothing range here.

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Free yoga videos from our teachers on our YouTube community channel.

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